Display Object Properties

You can iterate over the properties on a object using the {{#each-in}}{{/each-in}} block helper. This is particularly helpful when the properties on the object are dynamic or unknown ahead of time.

As an example, if your result object contains the following data

    entity: entityObj,
    data: {
        summary: ['tag1', 'tag2'],
        details: {
          key1: 'value1',
          key2: 'value2',
          key3: 'value3'

You could iterate over the details object with the following

{{#each-in block.data.details as | key value |}}
     <span class="p-key">{{key}}</span>
     <span class="p-value">{{value}}"</span>

In our example this would create the following HTML

   <span class="p-key">key1</span>
   <span class="p-value">value1</span>
   <span class="p-key">key2</span>
   <span class="p-value">value2</span>
   <span class="p-key">key3</span>
   <span class="p-value">value3</span>

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